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Bioethics is an interdisciplinary field that has been growing tremendously over the last 40 years. There are now over 50 journals publishing scholarly work closely related to bioethics with an aggregated production of over 16,000 articles over the last six years, or about 7 articles a day!

Here are the top 240 most cited articles from 50 select bioethics journals published in 2009 through 2014. If you’d like even more journals I have also created a top 100 bioethics journal list. Another great resource on which journals to avoid publishing in is available from “The Ethics Blog” by Uppsala University.

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View the Top 50 Bioethics Journal Ranking for 2009 to 2014.

About this Analysis

Inspired by the blog posts “top 20 bioethics journals in the world” and “top 30 bioethics journals on earth” I have calculated impact factors for these journals to find the overall ranking for the period from 2009 to 2014. For this analysis I used Harzing’s Publish or Perish to calculate the h5-index for journal impacts (because some journals were not included in Google’s automatic metric due to not reaching the minimum number of publications per year). This ranking is based on Harzing’s citation analysis method for creating an index h, which is an aggregated score of how many highly cited articles an author publishes each year, but for a five year period and a journal rather than individual:

“A scientist has index h if h of his/her Np papers have at least h citations each, and the other (Np-h) papers have no more than h citations each.” Harzing 2005

If 27 articles have 27 citations each over five years, the h5-index for that journal is 27. If they had 29 cited 27 each, it’s still 27. Or if they had 100 cited 10 each, it’s 10. Here are the data I gathered for this analysis, including the 16,000 articles in a spreadsheet. If you’d like to use it in a publication just let me know.

Author: Mark T Hakkarinen, M.A.

Bioethics Journal Impact Analysis

This analysis uses the h5 index measurement in Publish or Perish Citation information data gathered in March, 2015. The Google Scholar metrics are based on data in their index as of June, 2014. More notes about accuracy available here:

TitleISSNh5 (Harzing's Publish or Perish, Google Scholar Source)h5-index (Google Scholar Calculated)h5-median (Google Scholar Calculated)
Journal of Medical Ethics0306-6800332940
Nursing Ethics0969-7330312532
AJOB (American Journal of Bioethics)1526-5161292633
Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics1073-1105262331
Hastings Center Report0093-0334211833
Science and Engineering Ethics1353-3452211827
Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law0361-6878201825
BMC Medical Ethics1472-6939201727
Journal of Medicine and Philosophy0360-5310191623
AJOB Neuroscience2150-7740171621
Ethics and Behavior1050-8422171422
Health Care Analysis1065-3058171528
Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy1386-7423171418
Journal of Clinical Ethics1046-7890171318
ATLA: Alternatives to Lab Animals0261-1929161524
Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics1556-2646161424
Developing World Bioethics1471-8731151220
Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics1386-7415141217
Journal of Bioethical Inquiry1176-7529141114
Clinical Ethics1477-750914811
HEC (Healthcare Ethics Committee) Forum0956-2737131214
Accountability in Research0898-9621131117
CQ: Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics0963-1801131114
Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal1054-686312
Journal of Medical Humanities1041-354511914
American Journal of Law and Medicine0098-858811
AJOB Primary Research2150-771610811
European Journal of Health Law0929-0273878
AMA Journal of Ethics (formerly Virtual Mentor)2376-6980879
IRB: Ethics and Human Research0193-77588
JONA's Healthcare Law, Ethics, and Regulation1520-92298
Indian Journal of Medical Ethics0974-846671011
Journal of Legal Medicine0194-76487811
Medicine and Law0723-1393656
Monash Bioethics Review1321-2753657
Linacre Quarterly0024-3639545
International Journal of Bioethics [Journal International de Bioéthique]1145-0762455
Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics1535-35324417
National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly1532-5490434
Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics2157-1732325
Ethics & Medicine: A Christian Perspective on Issues in Bioethics0266-688X3
Human Reproduction and Genetic Ethics1028-78253
Revista de Derecho y Genoma Humano [Law and the Human Genome Review]1134-7198222
Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics1173-25712
Journal of Law and the Biosciences2053-97112
Bioethics Outlook1037-64101
Issues in Law and Medicine8756-81601
The Journal of Hospital Ethics1938-49551
New Bioethics: A Multidisciplinary Journal Of Biotechnology and the Body2050-28771
Penn Bioethics Journal2150-54621

 Top Bioethics Articles by Year


*As of March, 2015. Rankings for 2014 will skew more heavily than usual towards articles published earlier in the year.

  1. Addressing the ethical challenges in genetic testing and sequencing of children“. EW Clayton, LB McCullough, LG Biesecker…. The American Journal … 21 cites
  2. In vitro eugenics“. R Sparrow. Journal of medical ethics 18 cites
  3. Withdrawing artificial nutrition and hydration from minimally conscious and vegetative patients: family perspectives“. C Kitzinger, J Kitzinger. Journal of medical ethics 17 cites
  4. Assessing the likely harms to kidney vendors in regulated organ markets“. J Koplin. The American Journal of Bioethics 16 cites
  5. Egalitarianism and moral bioenhancement“. R Sparrow. The American Journal of Bioethics 16 cites
  6. Changing the conversation about brain death“. RD Truog, FG Miller. The American Journal of Bioethics 15 cites
  7. The ethics of advertising for health care services“. Y Schenker, RM Arnold, AJ London. The American Journal of … 14 cites
  8. Pascal’s wager: health insurance exchanges, Obamacare, and the Republican dilemma“. DK Jones, KWV Bradley…. Journal of health politics, … 14 cites
  9. Voluntary moral enhancement and the survival-at-any-cost bias“. V Rakić. Journal of medical ethics 13 cites
  10. Thinking ahead on deep brain stimulation: An analysis of the ethical implications of a developing technology“. V Johansson, M Garwicz, M Kanje†…. … neuroscience 13 cites
  11. Treatment decision making for incapacitated patients: is development and use of a patient preference predictor feasible?“. A Rid, D Wendler. Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 13 cites
  12. Use of a Patient Preference Predictor to help make medical decisions for incapacitated patients“. A Rid, D Wendler. Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 13 cites
  13. Transnational gestational surrogacy: Does it have to be exploitative?“. J Kirby. The American Journal of Bioethics 12 cites
  14. A costly separation between withdrawing and withholding treatment in intensive care“. D Wilkinson, J Savulescu. Bioethics 12 cites
  15. Structuring a written examination to assess ASBH health care ethics consultation core knowledge competencies“. BD White, JB Jankowski, WN Shelton. The American Journal of … 11 cites
  16. Patient and citizen participation in health: The need for improved ethical support“. L Williamson. The American Journal of Bioethics 11 cites
  17. The recent history of Christian bioethics critically reassessed“. HT Engelhardt. Christian Bioethics 11 cites
  18. Brave new love: The threat of high-tech “conversion” therapy and the bio-oppression of sexual minorities“. BD Earp, A Sandberg, J Savulescu. AJOB neuroscience 11 cites
  19. Approaches to suffering at the end of life: the use of sedation in the USA and Netherlands“. JAC Rietjens, JR Voorhees, A van der Heide…. Journal of medical … 10 cites
  20. Moral bioenhancement: a neuroscientific perspective“. MJ Crockett. Journal of medical ethics 10 cites
  21. On the minimal risk threshold in research with children“. A Binik. The American Journal of Bioethics 10 cites
  22. Ethical review of health systems research in low-and middle-income countries: A conceptual exploration“. AA Hyder, A Rattani, C Krubiner…. The American Journal … 10 cites
  23. The nocebo effect of informed consent“. S Cohen. Bioethics 10 cites
  24. Ethics and nanotechnology“. AS Khan. Ethics in Science, Technology and Engineering, … 10 cites
  25. Neuroimaging, expert witnesses, and ethics: Convergence and conflict in the courtroom“. L Berlin. AJOB Neuroscience 10 cites
  26. A review of the key issues associated with the commercialization of biobanks“. T Caulfield, S Burningham, Y Joly…. … and the Biosciences 9 cites
  27. Ethical justifications for access to unapproved medical interventions: An argument for (limited) patient obligations“. MJ Walker, WA Rogers, V Entwistle. … American Journal of Bioethics 9 cites
  28. Transferring morality to human–nonhuman chimeras“. M Piotrowska. The American Journal of Bioethics 9 cites
  29. Addressing dual agency: Getting specific about the expectations of professionalism“. JC Tilburt. The American Journal of Bioethics 9 cites
  30. Death, treatment decisions and the permanent vegetative state: evidence from families and experts“. S Holland, C Kitzinger, J Kitzinger. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 9 cites
  31. Returning incidental findings from genetic research to children: views of parents of children affected by rare diseases“. E Kleiderman, BM Knoppers, CV Fernandez…. Journal of medical … 8 cites
  32. A method of reflexive balancing in a pragmatic, interdisciplinary and reflexive bioethics“. J Ives. Bioethics 8 cites
  33. Sharing in or benefiting from scientific advancement?“. C Timmermann. Science and engineering ethics 8 cites
  34. Authorship matrix: a rational approach to quantify individual contributions and responsibilities in multi-author scientific articles“. TP Clement. Science and engineering ethics 8 cites
  35. Moderate eugenics and human enhancement“. MJ Selgelid. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 8 cites
  36. The regulation of cognitive enhancement devices: extending the medical model“. H Maslen, T Douglas, RC Kadosh…. … and the Biosciences 7 cites
  37. Informed consent as an ethical requirement in clinical trials: an old, but still unresolved issue. An observational study to evaluate patient’s informed consent …“. V Sanchini, M Reni, G Calori, E Riva…. Journal of medical … 7 cites
  38. Should moral bioenhancement be compulsory? Reply to Vojin Rakic“. I Persson, J Savulescu. Journal of medical ethics 7 cites
  39. Imposing options on people in poverty: the harm of a live donor organ market“. S Rippon. Journal of medical ethics 7 cites
  40. Shared vulnerabilities in research“. E Chwang. The American Journal of Bioethics 7 cites


  1. An ethics framework for a learning health care system: a departure from traditional research ethics and clinical ethics“. RR Faden, NE Kass, SN Goodman…. Hastings Center … 64 cites
  2. The Research‐Treatment Distinction: A Problematic Approach for Determining Which Activities Should Have Ethical Oversight“. NE Kass, RR Faden, SN GooDMAN…. Hastings Center … 53 cites
  3. Engineering ethics beyond engineers’ ethics“. JM Basart, M Serra. Science and engineering ethics 52 cites
  4. Against autonomy: justifying coercive paternalism“. S Conly. Journal of medical ethics 47 cites
  5. Do researchers have an obligation to actively look for genetic incidental findings?“. C Gliwa, BE Berkman. The American Journal of Bioethics 42 cites
  6. Arrests of and forced interventions on pregnant women in the United States, 1973–2005: Implications for women’s legal status and public health“. LM Paltrow, J Flavin. Journal of health politics, policy and law 40 cites
  7. Getting moral enhancement right: the desirability of moral bioenhancement“. I Persson, J Savulescu. Bioethics 31 cites
  8. Just how cognitive is “cognitive enhancement”? On the significance of emotions in university students’ experiences with study drugs“. S Vrecko. AJOB neuroscience 31 cites
  9. Obesity: Chasing an elusive epidemic“. D Callahan. Hastings Center Report 30 cites
  10. Improving understanding in the research informed consent process: a systematic review of 54 interventions tested in randomized control trials“. A Nishimura, J Carey, PJ Erwin, JC Tilburt…. … medical ethics 30 cites
  11. Designing robots for care: Care centered value-sensitive design“. A van Wynsberghe. Science and engineering ethics 29 cites
  12. Out of step: fatal flaws in the latest AAP policy report on neonatal circumcision“. JS Svoboda, RS Van Howe. Journal of medical ethics 28 cites
  13. Treating patients as persons: A capabilities approach to support delivery of person-centered care“. VA Entwistle, IS Watt. The American Journal of Bioethics 27 cites
  14. Justice in the allocation of health care resources: A feminist account“. HL Nelson, JL Nelson. … Reader in the Philosophy of Health Care 27 cites
  15. Physicians under the influence: social psychology and industry marketing strategies“. S Sah, A Fugh‐Berman. … Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 27 cites
  16. On good and bad forms of medicalization“. E Parens. Bioethics 26 cites
  17. Institutional corruption of pharmaceuticals and the myth of safe and effective drugs“. DW Light, J Lexchin, JJ Darrow. The Journal of Law, Medicine … 26 cites
  18. Case-based knowledge and ethics education: Improving learning and transfer through emotionally rich cases“. CE Thiel, S Connelly, L Harkrider…. … and engineering ethics 24 cites
  19. What is personalized medicine: sharpening a vague term based on a systematic literature review“. S Schleidgen, C Klingler, T Bertram…. … medical ethics 24 cites
  20. The challenge of crafting policy for do-it-yourself brain stimulation“. NS Fitz, PB Reiner. Journal of medical ethics 22 cites
  21. Nudging and informed consent“. S Cohen. The American Journal of Bioethics 22 cites
  22. Moral enhancement via direct emotion modulation: A reply to John Harris“. T Douglas. Bioethics 21 cites
  23. Sustaining engineering codes of ethics for the twenty-first century“. D Michelfelder, SA Jones. Science and engineering ethics 21 cites
  24. Human dignity in bioethics and law“. C Foster. Journal of medical ethics 20 cites
  25. Ban the sunset? Nonpropositional content and regulation of pharmaceutical advertising“. P Biegler, P Vargas. The American Journal of Bioethics 20 cites
  26. Key opinion leaders and the corruption of medical knowledge: what the Sunshine Act will and won’t cast light on“. S Sismondo. The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 20 cites
  27. Salvaging the concept of nudge“. Y Saghai. Journal of medical ethics 19 cites
  28. Moral enhancement, freedom, and what we (should) value in moral behaviour“. D DeGrazia. Journal of medical ethics 19 cites
  29. If I could just stop loving you: Anti-love biotechnology and the ethics of a chemical breakup“. BD Earp, OA Wudarczyk, A Sandberg…. The American Journal … 19 cites
  30. Trust in nurse-patient relationships: a literature review“. L Dinç, C Gastmans. Nursing ethics 19 cites
  31. The ethics of uterus transplantation“. R Catsanos, W Rogers, M Lotz. Bioethics 19 cites
  32. Media, politics and science policy: MS and evidence from the CCSVI Trenches“. D Pullman, A Zarzeczny, A Picard. BMC medical ethics 19 cites
  33. The high price of “free” trade: US trade agreements and access to medicines“. R Lopert, D Gleeson. The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 19 cites
  34. The child’s interests and the case for the permissibility of male infant circumcision“. J Mazor. Journal of medical ethics 18 cites
  35. Concept determination of human dignity“. M Edlund, L Lindwall, I von Post, UÅ Lindström. Nursing ethics 18 cites
  36. Vulnerability in research ethics: A way forward“. MM Lange, W Rogers, S Dodds. Bioethics 18 cites
  37. Assessing decision-making capacity in the behaviorally nonresponsive patient with residual covert awareness“. A Peterson, L Naci, C Weijer, D Cruse…. … Neuroscience 18 cites
  38. Plausibility and evidence: the case of homeopathy“. L Rutten, RT Mathie, P Fisher, M Goossens…. Medicine, Health Care … 18 cites
  39. Primum non nocere: obesity stigma and public health“. LR Vartanian, JM Smyth. Journal of bioethical inquiry 18 cites
  40. The apomediated world: Regulating research when social media has changed research“. D O’Connor. The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 18 cites


  1. After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?“. A Giubilini, F Minerva. Journal of Medical Ethics 104 cites
  2. The value of QALYs“. AH Williams. Arguing about bioethics 88 cites
  3. Seeking better health care outcomes: the ethics of using the “nudge”“. JS Blumenthal-Barby, H Burroughs. … American Journal of Bioethics 52 cites
  4. Framing the issues: moral distress in health care“. BM Pauly, C Varcoe, J Storch. Hec Forum 45 cites
  5. Out of bounds? A critique of the new policies on hyperandrogenism in elite female athletes“. K Karkazis, R Jordan-Young, G Davis…. The American Journal … 44 cites
  6. The quality of informed consent: mapping the landscape. A review of empirical data from developing and developed countries“. A Mandava, C Pace, B Campbell, E Emanuel…. Journal of medical … 40 cites
  7. Nurses’ perceptions of and responses to morally distressing situations“. C Varcoe, B Pauly, J Storch, L Newton…. Nursing Ethics 40 cites
  8. A multidimensional analysis of ethical climate, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and organizational citizenship behaviors“. CC Huang, CS You, MT Tsai. Nursing Ethics 37 cites
  9. Consequences of clinical situations that cause critical care nurses to experience moral distress“. DL Wiegand, M Funk. Nursing Ethics 37 cites
  10. Those who have the gold make the evidence: How the pharmaceutical industry biases the outcomes of clinical trials of medications“. J Lexchin. Science and engineering ethics 37 cites
  11. To tell the truth, the whole truth, may do patients harm: the problem of the nocebo effect for informed consent“. RE Wells, TJ Kaptchuk. The American Journal of Bioethics 36 cites
  12. Development and testing of an instrument to measure moral distress in healthcare professionals“. AB Hamric, CT Borchers, EG Epstein. AJOB Primary Research 34 cites
  13. Essentials of nursing research“. D Polit, C Beck. Ethics 32 cites
  14. Empirical research on moral distress: issues, challenges, and opportunities“. AB Hamric. Hec Forum 32 cites
  15. The relationship of ethics education to moral sensitivity and moral reasoning skills of nursing students“. M Park, D Kjervik, J Crandell, MH Oermann. Nursing ethics 31 cites
  16. The ethics of ‘public understanding of ethics’—why and how bioethics expertise should include public and patients’ voices“. S Schicktanz, M Schweda, B Wynne. … , health care and philosophy 31 cites
  17. ‘Human-on-a-chip’developments: a translational cutting-edge alternative to systemic safety assessment and efficiency evaluation of substances in laboratory …“. U Marx, H Walles, S Hoffmann…. … Animals-ATLA 30 cites
  18. The burden of normality: from ‘chronically ill’to ‘symptom free’. New ethical challenges for deep brain stimulation postoperative treatment“. F Gilbert. Journal of Medical Ethics 29 cites
  19. The “difficult” patient reconceived: An expanded moral mandate for clinical ethics“. A Fiester. The American Journal of Bioethics 29 cites
  20. How family caregivers’ medical and moral assumptions influence decision making for patients in the vegetative state: a qualitative interview study“. K Kuehlmeyer, GD Borasio, RJ Jox. Journal of medical ethics 28 cites
  21. The purpose in chronic addiction“. H Pickard. AJOB neuroscience 28 cites
  22. Ethical concerns for maternal surrogacy and reproductive tourism“. R Deonandan, S Green, A van Beinum. Journal of Medical Ethics 27 cites
  23. The need for systematic reviews of reasons“. N Sofaer, D Strech. Bioethics 27 cites
  24. Symbiotic empirical ethics: a practical methodology“. L Frith. Bioethics 27 cites
  25. A systematic approach to engineering ethics education“. J Li, S Fu. Science and engineering ethics 27 cites
  26. Adherence, shared decision-making and patient autonomy“. L Sandman, BB Granger, I Ekman, C Munthe. Medicine, Health Care and … 27 cites
  27. Medical futility at the end of life: the perspectives of intensive care and palliative care clinicians“. RJ Jox, A Schaider, G Marckmann…. Journal of medical … 26 cites
  28. Genomic inheritances: Disclosing individual research results from whole-exome sequencing to deceased participants’ relatives“. B Chan, FM Facio, H Eidem, SC Hull…. The American Journal … 26 cites
  29. Prevalence of plagiarism in recent submissions to the Croatian Medical Journal“. K Baždarić, L Bilić-Zulle, G Brumini…. Science and engineering … 26 cites
  30. Public health ethics theory: review and path to convergence“. LM Lee. The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 26 cites
  31. The principle of parity: the ‘placebo effect’and physician communication“. C Blease. Journal of medical ethics 25 cites
  32. Against homeopathy–a utilitarian perspective“. K Smith. Bioethics 25 cites
  33. Should we allow organ donation euthanasia? Alternatives for maximizing the number and quality of organs for transplantation“. D Wilkinson, J Savulescu. Bioethics 25 cites
  34. The roles and responsibilities of physicians in patients’ decisions about unproven stem cell therapies“. AD Levine, LE Wolf. The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 25 cites
  35. The case for a parental duty to use preimplantation genetic diagnosis for medical benefit“. J Malek, J Daar. The American Journal of Bioethics 24 cites
  36. And lead us (not) into persuasion…? Persuasive technology and the ethics of communication“. A Spahn. Science and engineering ethics 24 cites
  37. Moral distress and the contemporary plight of health professionals“. W Austin. HEC forum 24 cites
  38. Effect of financial relationships on the behaviors of health care professionals: a review of the evidence“. C Robertson, S Rose…. … Journal of Law, Medicine … 24 cites
  39. Predictive genetic testing in minors for late-onset conditions: a chronological and analytical review of the ethical arguments“. C Mand, L Gillam, MB Delatycki…. Journal of Medical … 23 cites
  40. Swabbing students: should universities be allowed to facilitate educational DNA testing?“. SL Callier. The American Journal of Bioethics 23 cites


  1. Retractions in the scientific literature: do authors deliberately commit research fraud?“. RG Steen. Journal of medical ethics 98 cites
  2. Why and how do journals retract articles? An analysis of Medline retractions 1988–2008“. E Wager, P Williams. Journal of medical ethics 75 cites
  3. Moral enhancement and freedom“. J Harris. Bioethics 68 cites
  4. Burnout in palliative care: A systematic review“. SM Pereira, AM Fonseca, AS Carvalho. Nursing Ethics 63 cites
  5. Retractions in the medical literature: how many patients are put at risk by flawed research?“. RG Steen. Journal of medical ethics 53 cites
  6. A systematic review of the empirical literature evaluating IRBs: what we know and what we still need to learn“. L Abbott, C Grady. … of Empirical Research on Human Research … 51 cites
  7. Phenomenology and its application in medicine“. H Carel. Theoretical medicine and bioethics 50 cites
  8. What happens in the lab: Applying midstream modulation to enhance critical reflection in the laboratory“. D Schuurbiers. Science and engineering ethics 44 cites
  9. What values in design? The challenge of incorporating moral values into design“. N Manders-Huits. Science and engineering ethics 44 cites
  10. Deflating the neuroenhancement bubble“. JC Lucke, S Bell, B Partridge, WD Hall. Ajob Neuroscience 43 cites
  11. End‐of‐Life Decision‐Making in Canada: The Report by the Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel on End‐of‐Life Decision‐Making“. U Schüklenk, JJM Van Delden, J Downie…. Bioethics 42 cites
  12. Reconsidering the value of consent in biobank research“. J Allen, B McNamara. Bioethics 41 cites
  13. Constitutional moments in governing science and technology“. S Jasanoff. Science and engineering ethics 41 cites
  14. Defining medical futility and improving medical care“. LJ Schneiderman. Journal of bioethical inquiry 41 cites
  15. A Not‐So‐New Eugenics“. R Sparrow. Hastings Center Report 40 cites
  16. The ‘patient’s physician one-step removed’: the evolving roles of medical tourism facilitators“. J Snyder, VA Crooks, K Adams, P Kingsbury…. Journal of Medical … 39 cites
  17. “Doctor, would you prescribe a pill to help me…?” A national survey of physicians on using medicine for human enhancement“. TD Hotze, K Shah, EE Anderson…. The American Journal of … 39 cites
  18. Ethical issues in human genomics research in developing countries“. J de Vries, SJ Bull, O Doumbo, M Ibrahim…. … medical ethics 39 cites
  19. The return of individual research findings in paediatric genetic research“. K Hens, H Nys, JJ Cassiman, K Dierickx. Journal of Medical Ethics 37 cites
  20. The law, policy, and ethics of employers’ use of financial incentives to improve health“. KM Madison, KG Volpp…. … Journal of Law, Medicine … 37 cites
  21. Risk communication and informed consent in the medical tourism industry: a thematic content analysis of Canadian broker websites“. K Penney, J Snyder, VA Crooks…. … medical ethics 36 cites
  22. The ethics of care: role obligations and moderate partiality in health care“. P Nortvedt, MH Hem, H Skirbekk. Nursing Ethics 35 cites
  23. The placebo phenomenon and medical ethics: Rethinking the relationship between informed consent and risk–benefit assessment“. FG Miller, L Colloca. Theoretical medicine and bioethics 35 cites
  24. Defining the medical humanities: three conceptions and three narratives“. H Brody. Journal of Medical Humanities 35 cites
  25. ‘Unbearable suffering’: a qualitative study on the perspectives of patients who request assistance in dying“. MK Dees, MJ Vernooij-Dassen, WJ Dekkers…. Journal of medical … 33 cites
  26. The concept of voluntary consent“. RM Nelson, T Beauchamp, VA Miller…. The American Journal … 33 cites
  27. Why moral philosophers are not and should not be moral experts“. D Archard. Bioethics 33 cites
  28. Negotiating plausibility: intervening in the future of nanotechnology“. C Selin. Science and engineering ethics 32 cites
  29. Personal genome testing: test characteristics to clarify the discourse on ethical, legal and societal issues“. EM Bunnik, MHN Schermer…. … medical ethics 32 cites
  30. Neuroethics: A new way of doing ethics“. N Levy. AJOB neuroscience 32 cites
  31. Off-label drug use and promotion: balancing public health goals and commercial speech“. AS Kesselheim. American Journal of Law and Medicine 31 cites
  32. An ethically justified framework for clinical investigation to benefit pregnant and fetal patients“. FA Chervenak, LB McCullough. … American Journal of Bioethics 31 cites
  33. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, public health, and the elusive target of human rights“. L Gable. The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 31 cites
  34. Acceptability of financial incentives to improve health outcomes in UK and US samples“. M Promberger, RCH Brown, RE Ashcroft…. Journal of medical … 30 cites
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  40. A framework for risk-benefit evaluations in biomedical research“. A Rid, D Wendler. Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal 28 cites


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