Lisa Avila Family Now Accepts Death Diagnosis, Agrees to Stop Physiological Support

It looks like the brain death dispute between the family of Lisa Avila and Anaheim Regional Medical Center is coming to a consensual conclusion.

After obtaining a TRO, the family was able to bring in their own neurologist.  Like the ARMC physicians, the independent neurologist did not detect any brain activity.  The family now plans to take Avila off of life support around 5 p.m. Friday. (ABC News)

The family reported on its fundraising website:  “So now the family does have a little more piece of mind in regards to trusting a third party Dr, that is not affiliated with the hospital. We are currently now working with the staff of the hospital in trying to agree to terms of a time frame of the disconnection of the plug from Lisa’s Life support. This is not something that is very easy for the family still to accept, although the fact of the reality is just setting in.”

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