LabTV: Young Scientist Curious About The Immune System

Welcome to LabTV! If you haven’t already, take a look at this video. I hope you will enjoy meeting the first young scientist featured in this brand new series that I’ve chosen to highlight on my blog. The inspiration for LabTV comes from Jay Walker, who is the founder of PriceLine, and curator and chairman of TEDMED, an annual conference focused on new ideas in health and medicine.

A few years ago, Walker noticed that there were many talented young people across America who are interested in science, but are uncertain about what a career in biomedical research is like. His solution was to create an online video community where anyone interested in going into research could learn from the experiences of scientists who, not so long ago, walked in their shoes. As you will see from spending a few moments in the lab with Heardley Moses Murdock, whose research involves a rare immune disorder called DOCK 8 deficiency, these video profiles put a human face on science and show its everyday stories.

As Walker enjoys saying, “You can’t be it, if you can’t see it.” So, I hope lots of young people get to “see it” and sense the enthusiasm for scientific discovery that makes possible so many of the advances that we feature on this blog. I plan to run a new LabTV video here every so often, but if you want to meet more of these young scientists right now, please visit the LabTV web site (https://www.labtv.com/Home#). You’ll be greeted with, “Curiosity starts here,” and it certainly does.

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