Intensive Care Hotline Resource for Families of Critically Ill Patients

Most of my blogging on this site, as well as my articles and book chapters, and  all concern legal rights and duties concerning medical treatment at the end of life.  

But most of the communication, negotiation, and mediation about end-of-life treatment conflicts never gets (or needs to get) framed in legal terms.  Disputes are usually resolved way upstream.  Most hospitals have ethics consults, ethics committees, ombudsmen, patient advocates, and/or other resources.  

One external resource for families of critically ill patients in intensive care is the Intensive Care Hotline.  The printed and live consulting offerings are designed to help families: 

  • Ask the doctors and the nurses the right questions
  • Discover the many competing interests in Intensive Care and how treatment may depend on those competing interests
  • Stop being intimidated by the Intensive Care team and how you will be seen as equals
  • Get “behind the scenes” insight to understand what is really happening in ICU
  • Have peace of mind, power, influence decision making and stay in control of their Family’s and their critically ill loved one’s destiny

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