Fake Australian doctor runs IVF clinic for more than 10 years

A dispatch from the Let’s-Hope-This-Doesn’t-Happen-Too-Often Department. Australian health authorities are investigating an Italian man who practiced as a gynaecologist and IVF expert in Melbourne for more than a decade. He had offices in posh suburbs and advertised his better-than-average pregnancy rates.

Unfortunately Raffaele Di Paolo was only a Mr and not a Dr who appears to have attracted patients by adding a dash of homeopathic medicine to his treatment. He claimed to be a member of the “European Society Human Reproduction Endocrinology” which sounds like, but is not, the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.

One of his duped clients told the Sydney Morning Herald that Di Paolo told her that he had turned to homeopathy because conventional fertility clinics were “money hungry IVF factories that herd women like cattle”. Over two years she spent A$30,000 on his services, some of which were extremely bizarre. The paperwork and invoicing was shoddy and unprofessional. But when she voiced her concerns, he simply said, “Don’t you worry Princess, it’s all taken care of’.”

Mr Di Paolo will appear in court later his month. 

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