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Patient Modesty: Volume 71

I would like to start out this Volume 71 with a basic question to help define what is understood as physical modesty and how it applies to this issue as experienced by patients within the medical system. Is modesty of an individual only related to how the individual feels about their own personal exposure to others or does it also includes how the individual reacts to the exposure or “immodesty” of others? For example, is a patient expressing modesty when they see and react to a woman breast feeding her baby in public? or finding someone on the beach with a “bikini”?  Does every patient who finds challenges to their modesty within their experience with doctors and nurses also are emotionally upset upon viewing, experiencing what is felt to be immodest behavior by others?  In other words, does patient physical modesty concerns actually  involve an individual’s general philosophy regarding attention to modesty of self but, in addition, also of others?  This distinction, I think, is important.  ..Maurice.

Graphic: “Bathing Suits” from Google Images

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