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Susie Hoffman and Paula Knudson honored for leadership, service

by Meghan Timmel, Communications Coordinator

PRIM&R is only successful in advancing ethical research thanks to the work of our committed members. At December’s 2014 Advancing Ethical Research Conference, we recognized the substantial achievements and contributions of two such members, Susie Hoffman and Paula Knudson.

Susie Hoffman, RN, BSN, CIP, was the recipient of the 2014 Applied Research Ethics National Association (ARENA) Legacy Award, Ms. Hoffman is a longtime PRIM&R leader and teacher, having been a member of the organization since 1999 and a faculty member for 12 consecutive years. In addition to serving as the last president of ARENA (PRIM&R’s membership division from 1986-2006), she has also served as member and chair of PRIM&R’s Membership Committee.

In presenting the award, PRIM&R’s Executive Director, Elisa A. Hurley, PhD, applauded Ms. Hoffman’s leadership: “From presiding over the delicate reorganization of PRIM&R’s membership…to spearheading PRIM&R’s efforts to promote and expand its Regional Connections program…Susie demonstrates again and again that she’s an inspiring leader and remarkable asset, not just to PRIM&R and its community but to the human subjects protections field as a whole.”

Paula Knudson was honored with PRIM&R’s Distinguished Service Award. Ms. Knudson has been a driving force within the PRIM&R community, serving on planning committees and as faculty at nearly every PRIM&R human subjects protections conference since the 1980s as well as serving on PRIM&R’s Board of Directors.

PRIM&R Board Chair, Alexander M. Capron, LLB, highlighted Ms. Knudson’s importance to the field in his presentation of the award: “Anyone who has seen her in action knows that through her knowledge and her fierce adherence to the highest principles of research ethics, she can untangle even the most difficult issues and help institutions to reach the right result without breaking a sweat.”

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