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New Jersey Palliative Care Information Act

Rep. Pinkin

This week, following California, New York, and several other states, New Jersey introduced a Palliative Care Information Act bill.  

1.  Palliative Care Consumer & Professional Information and Education Program
The bill would first establish a “Palliative Care Consumer and Professional Information and Education Program” in the Department of Health, which would maximize the effectiveness of palliative care initiatives in the State by ensuring that comprehensive and accurate information and education about palliative care is available to the public, to health care providers, and to health care facilities.

2.  Provide Information about Palliative Care Services
The bill would additionally require all licensed health care facilities to establish a system for identifying patients or residents who could benefit from palliative care, and to provide information about and facilitate access to appropriate palliative care services for those patients and residents. A health care facility failing to meet these requirements, could be subject to a civil monetary penalty.

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