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Meet the PRIM&R Blog Squad for the 2014 AER Conference: Krystal Bradford

by Krystal Bradford, CIP, Research Compliance Specialist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

PRIM&R is pleased to introduce Krystal Bradford, CIP, a member of the PRIM&R Blog Squad for the 2014 Advancing Ethical Research (AER) Conference. The PRIM&R Blog Squad is composed of PRIM&R members who will blog here, on Ampersand, about the conference to give our readers an inside peek of what’s happening December 4-7 in Baltimore, MD.

Hello, and welcome to my corner of Ampersand! I work with the IRB and have since I started at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in 2005. When I share with people what I do, one question that frequently comes up is:  “How did you get into the research field?”

My story starts in 1998 with the birth of my son. He was born at 25 weeks gestational age, 15 weeks too soon! At the time of his birth, clinicians informed me that research showed he was just old enough to fight for, words have been burned into my brain ever since. I knew then that I had to find a way to give back to the research community. Soon after, I embarked on a path that led me to my current role as research compliance specialist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

Looking back, I am humbled by the experience and knowledge I have been able to gain over the years. I have had wonderful teachers in my career path, have been able to attend conferences to broaden my knowledge, and have even had the opportunity to earn my Certified IRB Professional (CIP®) credential, an achievement that outranks, in my view, the attainment of my college degree.

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