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Dhaka Hospital Withdraws Life Support without Consent or Consultation

Momtaz Zia was admitted to the Squares Hospital in Dhaka Bangledesh on October 19 following her second cardiac arrest. She was put on life support.

Yesterday, Zia died after she was taken off life support without her family’s consent, alleged family members. (Daily Star)  ”They [the hospital] didn’t even feel it necessary to inform me about their decision of withdrawing the life support,” alleged Mohammad Ziauddin, the deceased’s husband.

Tanjima Bony, Momtaz’s niece, claimed that the hospital threatened to stop Momtaz’s treatment on the seventh day of her admission, if they (the family) did not pay hospital bills immediately.  ”I paid Tk 1,50,000 on that day and Tk 4,00,000 later,” said Bony.

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