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Death – a New 5 Part Series on NPR

To the Best of Our Knowledge, a nationally syndicated radio show from Wisconsin Public Radio just started a five part series on Death.  

Death: The Reckoning
Did you hear? There’s a death movement going on in America. After decades of sanitized death, with dying, funerals, burial and grief shielded from public view, some people are now working to make death a greater part of life. In this hour, we talk with experts about how to begin these difficult conversations, and how they can transform both the dying and the surviving.

Death: Exit Plan
We live much longer than we used to, thanks to medical advances, but what are the emotional and financial costs of extending the end of life?  In this hour, we talk with physicians and bioethicists about planning for more humane and less prolonged deaths, about how some doctors don’t know how to talk with their patients about preparing for death, and about one family’s story of working within Oregon’s “Death with Dignity” law. Tune if for a discussion of “a good death” and the story of a pioneering psychiatrist who’s using hallucinogens to ease the anxiety of terminally-ill cancer patients.

Death: The Last Moment
Resuscitation science is revolutionizing medical care and reviving people who are clinically dead. With proper care, people who suffer heart attacks and lose brain function–even for two hours — can be brought back to life with no brain damage. What has that revealed about the the medical, spiritual and psychological mysteries of death?  We’ll hear conflicting perspectives on the debate over near-death experiences.

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