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What I learned from my first ASBH meeting

by Keisha Ray, Ph.D.

This past weekend, for the first time I attended the annual meeting of the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities (ASBH). I went with a lot of expectations and a lot of anxiety. I am a junior scholar and I am on the job market this year. I know the importance of connections and networking so I went to the meeting knowing that I needed to introduce myself to people on hiring committees, professors, and practitioners. But the thought of approaching people that I did not know and introducing myself was not met with warm, happy feelings. Being a social and loquacious person does not always translate into a person who networks well, but I was surprised to find that speaking to meeting attendees was easier than I had expected. Everyone was very friendly and very encouraging. Other than the few conversations that I regrettably ended very awkwardly, I think I did a good job. I received lots of cards and lots of “hey send me an email” and lots of “hey keep me updated on your work” comments. I have always been told the importance of networking but at the ASBH meeting I experienced the true value of networking and just how important it is in bioethics to know people and to let other people know you.


Be active
Before the meeting I submitted an abstract to the early career scholar’s program. Once my abstract was accepted, program coordinators paired me, a junior scholar, with two established bioethicists who then read my completed paper and were ready to give me verbal and written feedback during our designated meeting time at ASBH.

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