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Cool Videos: Diving for Drugs

Therapies From the Sea video sceenshot

Who says biomedical scientists always have to work indoors? The next installment in our mini-film fest proves otherwise, offering a close-up look at some medicinal chemists who are busy carrying out their research in warm waters off the Florida Keys.

This aquatic adventure may not be as action-packed as “Pirates of the Caribbean” or “Finding Nemo.” But these researchers from the University of Florida College of Pharmacy in Gainesville are out to discover something far more valuable to patients than sunken treasure: marine life with chemical compounds that may provide the basis for new treatments and cures.

Here’s their quick summary of their work: “University of Florida College of Pharmacy Researcher and Center for Natural Products, Drug Discovery, and Development Director Hendrik Luesch, Ph.D., collects and studies marine organisms from oceans in Florida and around the globe that have potential for development into drug therapies and disease prevention.”


Marine Natural Products Initiated Chemical Biology, University of Florida College of Pharmacy

What Florida Teachers Are Saying

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NIH Common Fund Video Competition

NIH support: Common Fund; National Institute of General Medical Sciences

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