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Welcome Elisa Hurley

by Kimberly Hensle Lowrance, EdM, PHR, managing director

Today marks the first day on the job for Elisa A. Hurley, PhD, PRIM&R’s new executive director. Elisa, selected by the Board of Directors after a comprehensive search, has served as PRIM&R’s education director since 2010. Elisa succeeds Joan Rachlin, who retired yesterday after 39 years at the helm.

I sat down with Elisa during PRIM&R’s 2014 IACUC Conference to discuss her goals for her first year, what she sees as the biggest challenges in the field, and her inspiration to pursue a career in ethics.

KHL: Elisa, congratulations on your new job! What are your first-year goals as PRIM&R’s new executive director?
EH: Thank you! One of my priorities for my first year is to listen to the community. I plan to spend time information gathering so I can understand the evolving needs of those PRIM&R serves. I want to hear what we’re doing well and what we can do better in the future to continue to support our members and program attendees as they do the important work of advancing ethical research, and as they grow within their own careers. And I want to know where the community would like to see PRIM&R focus its energies next.

My other immediate priorities include (a) ensuring PRIM&R keeps doing what we do best, which means remaining the professional and educational home and go-to-source for all for those in the research ethics and research oversight fields, and (b) mindfully innovating what we do—our educational programs, our membership services, and more—in response to the challenges faced by research ethics and oversight professionals 

KHL: What are some of those challenges?

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