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Introducing PRIM&R Blog Squad Member Derek Fong

by Derek Fong, VMD, DACLAM, clinical veterinarian at the University of Colorado Denver

Hello everybody! I am a clinical veterinarian at the University of Colorado Denver. I am now a local, but grew up near San Francisco and made my way to Yale University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Washington before settling here. While I have only been a Denver resident for a few years, I have embraced the city and am happy to provide recommendations for exploring all that Denver has to offer, especially good eats. I am excited to be a part of the PRIM&R Blog Squad for the 2014 IACUC Conference, and hope you will find my writing informative, insightful, and maybe even entertaining.

This will be my first PRIM&R IACUC Conference, and I was surprised to open the agenda and find that it didn’t ever seem to end. The breadth and depth of the conference exceeded my expectations. When choosing which breakout sessions to attend, I had to read through the agenda multiple times to remember all of the options! It’s great that there are talks for both neophytes and experts and that those talks are clearly labeled. In addition, I was pleasantly surprised to recognize the names of many of the accomplished individuals and great speakers who will be sharing their expertise at the conference.

Beyond the talks and panels, I am excited to continue to meet the amazing individuals who work in our field. I have always appreciated that we work in a small field with a close knit community.

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